About Me

Hi I'm Lexi, the artist behind Wasabi Denim and I LOVE ART. When I was seven, my mom took me to an art class in the back room of a Michael's craft store...ya know the ones. Aaaand that was the day I fell in love with art, what I view as the greatest form of self expression. But as a young adult, I’ve found it SO challenging to find art I can afford.  So this summer, I decided to remedy this problem for myself and for YOU by creating my own one of a kind art shop, Wasabi Denim.  

Wasabi Denim is home to all the badass beings full of life, love and possibilities. Through these threads and paintings, may you find a path right back to loving you. Every single Wasabi Denim piece is one of a kind, as we believe in expression through individualism. I just wanna make art that makes people feel as good as I do when I'm creating <3