Hi, I’m Lexi. When I was six, my mom took me to one of those Michael's painting lessons. I'd never painted before, but when I left that first day, I never put down my brush. I’ve always covered my walls and myself in my own art, partially because I love creating but also because I couldn’t afford to buy beautiful paintings for myself or order custom clothing. I want anyone and everyone to to deck out their walls with cool ass art without breaking the bank. I’ve created wasabi denim to inspire not only myself, but all of you to rediscover and claim your most creative self.


Wasabi Denim is home to all the badass beings full of life, love and possibilities. Through these threads and paintings, may you find a path right back to loving you. Every single Wasabi Denim piece is one of a kind, allowing you to be as hands on as you please throughout the design process. Wasabi Denim is the one stop shop for the canvas or jeans of your dreams.